Q: Why scented sidewalk chalk?

A: Why not???! Sidewalk chalk gets kids outside, stimulates their creativity and imagination, and tunes up their motor skills. Scent can be a learning tool, but we think it's also just plain fun!

Q: Will my child want to eat the yummy-smelling chalk?

A: SmellyChalk is non-toxic but it's scented, not flavored, so it tastes like chalk, which does not taste very good. We don't want anyone to have a bad experience so we ask that parents/guardians be diligent with very small children using SmellyChalk. Note that small pieces of anything in the mouth present a choking hazard. 

Q: Can SmellyChalk be used on chalkboards?

A: Well, maybe. It is not formulated for smooth surfaces like blackboards or chalkboards; SmellyChalk works best when the surface has some "grab" to it. Please TEST A SMALL AREA first if you want to use it somewhere other than the sidewalk. It may stain or be difficult to wash off completely.

Q: Will it wash off the patio/driveway/sidewalk easily?

A: Yes. Heavy application of chalk, especially with the darker colors, may require a second washing with the hose or another rainstorm. SmellyChalk will not leave a permanent stain on sidewalks.

Q. What are phthalates and why should they be avoided?

A. Phthalates are potent endocrine disruptors. This means that they mimic and interfere with the hormone system. This interference can cause cancer, birth defects, developmental problems, and tumors. They are found in products all around us, from IV bags and medical tubing, to children’s toys, to nearly 70% of our cosmetics and hygiene products (perfume, hair spray, soap, shampoos, etc.).

For more information on phthalates please click HERE. 

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