In Memoriam

Animal Shelter Community

2020 was hard on everyone. I said farewell to my BFF Cheddar on May 1, and I honestly can't remember the months that followed (not that there was much to remember anyway!). It was his time to transition – he was 17 – and I have no regrets. Still, I miss him very much.

It seems like just yesterday that I met him at the Red Door Animal Shelter, and we bonded right away. He had a very playful personality which never diminished even in his senior years.

We've made several donations since his passing to Red Door, in honor of him. If you have an animal/rescue center near you, please consider a donation. The smaller local businesses have been struggling since the pandemic started, and the animals always need our help.

Keep on playin' Cheddar bean. I'll heart you forever. 


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