Disaster Relief

Our donation this month goes to Direct Relief, one of the many admirable charities helping those affected by the devastating wildfires in California. I know there are several charities involved in this huge rescue effort, but I especially admire that Direct Relief is fully transparent about where the donated funds go:

  • Direct Relief will use all contributions designated for the California wildfires solely for relief and recovery efforts related to the California wildfires.
  • Direct Relief’s donation policy includes no fine print, disclaimer, or qualification.

Direct Relief is in close communication with state, county and local health officials about medical needs that may arise as more people evacuate or return to their homes. They are also working with the California Office of Emergency Services, the Red Cross, Pacific Coast and Ventura County Chapters, and California’s Medical Reserve Corps and Office of Emergency Services, among others. Wildfires have consumed more than one million acres in California so far this year, with the Woosley and Hill Fires in Southern California and Camp Fire in Northern California accounting for roughly 200,000 acres burned to date.

Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone involved with this disaster, and a heartfelt thanks to all those working to provide direct assistance and relief.

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