Sun, Run, Fun

Animal Shelter Community

Our May donation is actually for a celebrated June event: the PAWS Chicago 5K!

We donated boxes of our scented sidewalk chalk for the treat bags of runners and walkers who raised $250 or more in donations. A big round of applause for everyone who participated!!

PAWS Chicago was launched in 1998 with an adoption event, Angels with Tails. The message that homeless pets needed to be saved was taken to the public. Before that, very few people knew about what happened to homeless animals, or were aware of pet overpopulation. They certainly did not know the vast majority of homeless animals were being euthanised.

"Through it all, the growth and evolution of PAWS Chicago has been driven by public awareness and the recognition that every person can take action to help homeless pets. This has culminated into a collective action that has had transformative results, with the killing in Chicago declining by more than 80% since PAWS Chicago’s founding." 

photo courtesy of PAWSChicago website

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